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Pendleton, South Carolina 29670
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  • Water -
    We are committed to ensuring the quality of your water. Efforts are continually made to improve the water treatment process and to protect our water resources. Our water source is Duke Water Systems, Hartwell Lake Filter Plant, which is supplied by surface water from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Hartwell Lake Reservoir, lying along the border of Upstate South Carolina and Georgia.

    Pendleton Water Works routinely monitors for contaminants in your drinking water according to federal and state laws. We send out an Annual Consumer Confidence Report which shows the results of our water quality analyses. Every regulated contaminant that we detect in the water is listed in this report. We're proud that your drinking water meets or exceeds all federal and state requirements.

    More information about contaminants and potential health effects can be obtained by calling the Environmental Protection Agency's Safe Drinking Water Hotline at (800) 426-4791.

  • Sewer-
    The sewer system runs 3' to 8' underground throughout the town. It consists of an 8" pipe made either of plastic, clay or ductile iron. It collects all of the raw sewage from the town and delivers it to the Waste Treatment Plant for refinement.

    For emergencies after hours, call (864) 646-9073. You will automatically be connected with an answering service which will dispatch the employee-on-call.

  • Sanitation -
    The Department of Public Works provides weekly routine sanitation collections of household and business garbage within the town. After daily collections, it is taken to the Anderson Regional Landfill, where it can be disposed of properly.

    Click here for a list of the daily garbage and brush pick-up schedule.

    Bulk Container Users: We offer a service where we will pick up, empty, clean and disinfect your bulk container for a fee of $40.00. If interested, please contact Kandice Morgan at the (864) 646-9073, to make an appointment. All appointments will be scheduled for a Friday afternoon.

  • Brush -
    The Department of Public works provides a weekly routine collection of debris and brush. This is defined as any metal, wood, household furniture, yard trimmings, and brush. All brush and/or trimmings must be 6 foot in length or shorter.

    In 2002, Pendleton entered into a partnership with the municipalities of Central and Clemson to dispose of brush at the Clemson Brush Grinding Facility located at the Clemson Public Works Department. All brush is now being taken to Clemson to be made into mulch which is then given back to the residents of Pendleton, Clemson and Central at no charge.

The brush that can not be taken to Clemson, along with other debris, is taken to the Starr C&D Landfill which is operated by Anderson County.

If you have any questions concerning brush or would like information on obtaining free mulch, please call Kandice Morgan at (864) 646-9073.

  • Recycling-
    The Town of Pendleton began the Curbside Recycling Program in April of 2002. As of November of 2003, the town has received the following awards/certificates from Keep America Beautiful:
    1. Waste Minimization Pride Award
    2. Operating a Curbside Recycling Program Certificate
    3. Earning the Best Score on the Litter Index Certificate

    The recycling route runs in the afternoon of the same day as your scheduled garbage collection.

    What, Where & How to Recycle

    Direct questions to Kandice Morgan at (864) 646-9073


  • Community Service Program -
    We work with the Department of Pardons and Parole in Anderson, to provide a place where people can work off their community service time. Once here, they are required to work a minimum of 8 hours per week. Failure to do so results in their termination from the program. Once their hours are complete, a copy is sent in to the Department of Pardons and Parole and their agent is notified of their completion.

    We hope to show them that life is what you make out of it, and that hard work is a part of life. Hopefully, by the time they complete the program, they will leave here with more self-respect and higher esteem.

    For more information about being a Community Service Program Volunteer, call Sheila Alewine at (864) 260-2230.


  • Meet Our Employees

Public Works Employees

Richard Bork Director of Public Works
Charles Kemp Assistant Director of Public Works
Kandice Morgan Administrative Assistant
Willie Greenlee Sanitation Supervisor
Joseph Pitts Water Supervisor
Alex Williams Street Supervisor
Leonard Williams Sanitation Collector
Paul Scotland Sanitation Collector
Columbus Harrison Recycling Coordinator
Nathan Lester Driver
Chad Queen Driver
Keith Moody Maintenance
Alfonso Dimas Maintenance
David Hagood Maintenence
Monnell Wideman Maintenence
Sammy Foster Maintenence
Lorenza Bouie Maintenence
Marilyn Marrow Custodian
  • Department Job Descriptions
Director of Public Works - Performs complex supervisory, administrative and professional work in planning, organizing, directing, and supervising the Public Works Department, including sanitation, water distribution, sewer collection, traffic control and other public works projects and programs.
Assistant Director of Public Works - Performs a variety of supervisory, skilled, technical and maintenance work in the planning, repair and maintenance of town streets, sewer and drainage lines, facilities and systems.
Administrative Assistant - Performs a variety of routine and complex clerical, secretarial and administrative work in keeping official records, providing administrative support to the Public Works staff and assisting in the administration of the standard operating policies and procedures of the department.
Sanitation Supervisor - Performs a variety of semi-skilled and skilled maintenance work and operates a variety of equipment in the collection of solid waste from residential sites.
Street Supervisor - Performs a variety of semi-skilled and skilled maintenance work and operates a variety of equipment in the maintenance of streets.
W/S Supervisor -
Truck Driver - Performs a variety of skilled maintenance work and operates a variety of equipment in the construction, operation, repair, maintenance and replacement for Department of Public Works.
Light Equipment Operator - Operates a variety of contractor's equipment and trucks utilized in construction, maintenance and repair activities; performs a variety of semi-skilled tasks in the maintenance of streets, sewer and storm drainage.
Maintenance Worker - Performs a variety of semi-skilled maintenance work for the Department of Public Works.
Sanitation Collector - Performs a variety of semi-skilled work, and operates a variety of equipment in the collection of solid waste.